Super Grip Rubber Coating


Super Grip Red Rubber CoatingProduct informatie for super grip Red Rubber coatingCoating materialRubberColourRedHardness/density45ShAWorking temperature-20°C to +80°CThickness4mmMinimum pulley diameter25x thicknessFeaturesResistant against simple oils and fats, high grip, supergrip patternCoating:


Super Grip Red Rubber Coating

Product informatie for super grip Red Rubber coating
Coating materialRubber
Working temperature-20°C to +80°C
Minimum pulley diameter25x thickness
FeaturesResistant against simple oils and fats, high grip, supergrip pattern

Coating: All types of  timing belts can be manufactured with super grip red rubber coating

Cords: Steel, Kevlar

PU timing belt - PAZ /NFT

The selection of the correct coating depends on the transport item properties and the required grip. High friction for a good carrying effect, low friction to reduce the power transmission performance, soft for sensitive items or hard for sharp-edged items are the determining factors.

Every material involved assumes its task according to its specific property.

To meet specific transport applications, the tooth side and/or the transport side can be mechanically reworked. In this manner, the flexibility of the entire belt can be restored by making incisions in thick coatings.