HTD5M PU Timing Belt


The HTD5M PU timing belt is standard delivered with steel or kevlar cords. The HTD5M PU toothed belt has a pitch of 5mm , extremely suitable for transport where good positioning is required. We can customize the HTD5M PU toothed belt according to your wishes.


PU Timing Belts HTD 5M


Product details Timing belt HTD5M
white/ transparent/black
Shore hardness (A)90° Shore A
Cordssteel/ kevlar
Open length
Endless with joint
Seamless (moulded)
Working temperature-20-+80C
Standard cordssteel 0.5 mm
Width tollerance+/- 0.5 mm
Height tollerance+/- 0.2 mm
Length tollerance+/- 0.8 mm
Weight per meter+/- 48g/10mm belt width per meter
Minimum diameter pulley19.95 mm
Minimum diameter counterbend50 mm
Maximum load (N)OpenEndless with joint
10mm Maximum load (N)860430
50mm Maximum load (N)49602480
100mm Maximum load (N)102005100

PU timing belt HTD5M -  DA Symmetrical arrangement of the two-side teeth

PU timing belt HTD5M - DB Staggered arrangement of the two-side teeth

PU timing belt HTD5M - Perforations  /Grinding 

PU timing belt - PAZ /NFT

PU timing belt - PAR/NFB

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