Rubber Timing Belts MXL


Yonghangbelt supplies most types of timing belt MXL from stock, the MXL timing belt has trapezoidal tooth shape and a pitch of 0.08inch. The toothed belt MXL is available with the following tension cords; steel, kevlar and stainless steel cords.

Rubber Timing Belts MXL


Product information MXL
Shore hardness(A)75sha
Tensile memberssteel cords, 0.1 mm
Width tolerance+/- 0.5 mm
Thickness tolerance+/- 0.2 mm
Length tolerance+/- 0.8 mm/m
Weigth per 100 tooth3.10g
Minimum number of pulley teeth10
Minimum pulley diameter16.25
Minimum counter bending 28.80mm

Available as:

  • Open length

  • Endless with a splice

  • Truly endless (moulded/flex)


The XL (T1/5") PU timing belt is available with steel and kevlar cords, we can process/rework the XL (T1/5") timing belts with our machinery according your wishes and requirements.

PAZ = nylon fabric on tooth side 

PAR = nylon fabric on back side 

DL = double toothed 

DR = high back 

TK = version with extruded guide 

Product pictures:

Available as: