Vertical packing machine down vacuum belt drive failure reason.

2020-12-10 221

Guangzhou Yonghang Vertical packing machine down vacuum belt is a wire rope or fiberglass as a strong layer, covered with polyurethane or neoprene ring belt, its transmission is made up of an inner surface, is provided with an equally spaced profile ring belt, and has a corresponding matching wheel composition, but also integrated with transmission, chain transmission and gear transmission of their respective advantages. The transmission efficiency is high, generally up to 98%.

Drive failure is also a tricky issue for businesses when using the Vertical packing machine down vacuum belt, but the problem can be solved after understanding the cause of the drive failure of the Vertical packing machine down vacuum belt.

(1) the belt body anti-fatigue weakens, thus causing fracture;

(2) with tooth shearing and crushing;

(3) strip side, tooth film loss, cloth peeling;

(4) the carrier layer elongs, the pitch increases, the interference of the formation of teeth, the climbing teeth;

(5) The impact of mechanical operation, overload, resulting in the belt body broken.

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