Analysis of the application advantages of the Toothed wedge belt from the structure of the product!

2020-12-03 140

Toothed wedge belt is a special new type of transmission belt, also known as "multi-wedge double-sided belt", mainly used in food, food, paper and textile industries! With the development and rapid development of grinding machinery such as flour mill in the 1990s,Toothed wedge belt has also been widely used in grinding machinery and equipment!

Toothed wedge belt,Flour mill belt,Flour machine belts

1. Toothed wedge belt body is imported native rubber material, one side is processed by the grinding process of wear-resistant multi-wedge surface, model has PH/PJ/PK/PL/PM optional, with high wear resistance, increase the degree of wire rope bonding, improve the ability to jump teeth, reduce noise, in the blockage or overload can be through the multi-wedge belt slip and unloading force, increase the operating life! The other side is with high-precision curved flank, enhance tooth shear strength, significantly improve bonding strength, transmission ratio is accurate, no slip difference, can fully improve transmission power, efficient transmission!

2. Toothed wedge belt using fiberglass stretch wire rope as a strong layer, spiral winding in the belt's throes position, improve the pull strength of the belt, with high strength, high anti-elongation and long-lasting bending life!

3. Synchronized flanks with high wear-resistant 66 nylon elastic cloth for protection, enhance wear performance, reduce tooth wear, increase service life!

Toothed wedge belt,Flour mill belt,Flour machine belts

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Yonghang transmission belt company has been focusing on the addition of Toothed wedge belt research and development and production customization, to provide one-stop customized service! According to customer requirements for different bottom belt types (Timing belt, flat belt, multi-wedge belt, etc.) specifications as well as rubber color, thickness for selection, and provide slotting and other special processing, support to map to custom.