Timing belts with profiles what process is used?

2020-12-01 146

The installation of profiles on the conveyor belt by the Permanent Airlines Timing belts with profiles effectively solves the problem that ordinary conveyor belts do not reach inclination transport, and also prevents Theming belts from aborting or particularly complex conveyors, depending on the use of the environment.

This profiles conveyor belt has a wide range of applications, small footprint, no further transshipment, low civil capital, easy maintenance, low cost, large transport volume, continuous transportation, simple operation safety, low cost, can effectively reduce waste of resources, not only save material and human resources, but also improve efficiency. So how does this Timing belts profile get on the conveyor belt?

The Timing belt made by Yonghang with profiles is made of thermoplastic polyurethane materials and is oil-resistant, wear-resistant, aging-resistant, ozone-resistant and tear-resistant. The middle use of wire core can ensure that it still maintains good motion ability in the transmission, the production tolerance is small.

The Wing Air Timing belts with profiles are hot-melted by abrasives that allow the timming belts to blend fully with the bezels, allowing the profiles to be firmly welded to the conveyor surface. This custom-made Timing belts with profiles ensures both bezel accuracy and the firmness of the bezels, and the conveyor belt does not easily fall off or run off during transmission. Can play a fixed product, precise transport role, stable polarity!

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