4 Tips for Preventive Maintenance of Conveyor Belts

2022-05-07 454

In all industries, preventive maintenance is important to reduce the risk of failure. Conveyor belts are no exception. We often encourage our customers to check their conveyor belts frequently to avoid problems in production and to prevent damage to their equipment.


I. Preventive maintenance of conveyor belts.

 Check for malfunctioning or parts that have potential usage problems due to wear and tear. Early detection and early detection lead to early resolution. Corrections can be made more easily and measures can be taken to prevent future production problems. And optimize the service life of your conveyor belts.

Some possible problems to be aware of are: conveyor belts that do not run straight, blocked rollers, damaged bearings, damaged fabric or frequent belt jams or slippage. These conditions are not likely to mean that your conveyor belt is damaged. But when a machine fails it is often assumed that the conveyor belt is the problem, or it could be a bearing or other part of the conveyor itself that is causing the problem. If the conveyor belt appears to be in good condition, but the problem persists, the various parts of the machine should be carefully inspected.


2. Visual inspection:Is it clean?

Some conveyor belts are more hygienic than others, such as those conveying food. Therefore, it is very important to clean the conveyor belt and the parts it frequently touches. Uneven surfaces, cracks or crevices are places where germs can thrive. Dirt and substances that enter the conveyor belt may lead to product contamination. Therefore, you should always inspect and clean the conveyor belt carefully.


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