Do you know how many sizes of knitting machine belts there are?

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The transmission mechanism is controlled by a leveler with an infinitely variable speed motor. The motor uses a v-belt or a timing belt (toothed belt) to drive the main shaft gear, which at the same time is passed to the large disc gear, thus driving the needle barrel carrying the needles and carrying out the knitting. The main shaft is extended above the large circular machine and drives the yarn feeding disc to deliver the yarn in the required quantity. The drive mechanism is required to run smoothly and without noise.

The TT5 toothed belt is specially designed for the transmission of yarn on knitting machine belts and offers its customers a longer life, higher speed and more stable operation. We are committed to providing high quality toothed belts to meet the needs of knitting machine users.


 A knitting machine belts is a type of belt used in knitting machines (circular machines). It is commonly known as the Tooth Belt for circular knitting machines and is known by its professional name: TT5 timing belt. The  knitting machine belts is made of polyurethane and Kevlar core or steel wire. There are two types of belts: with interface and without interface (seamless). Its width is 10mm.


Model: TT5 toothed timing belt  

Belt width: 10mm.

Shore hardness: Hardness 90A

Colours: blue, green, yellow, white

Length: 2000mm~25000mm.

Tooth shape diagram as follows.


Core: Kevlar

Colour: blue, yellow, green Core: steel wire   

Colour: White        

Product details.

1) Suitable for single-sided and double-sided big round machines

2) Material: polyurethane, steel wire, aramid cord

3) Splice ring type, any length, 10mm width

4Strong tensile strength, good resistance to bending and raking, no elongation

5Highly resistant to wear and tear, low noise, maintenance-free


1) Can be spliced to any length.

2) Available with steel wire core or aramid cord



Specifications for knitting machine belts(width 10mm, the following specifications are for lengths)

4000 4200 4400 4600 4800 5000 5200 5400 5600 5800 6000 6200 6400 6600 6800 7000 7200 7400 7600 7800 

8000 8200 8400 8600 8800 9000 9200 9400 9600 9800 10000 10200 10400 10600 10800 11000 11200 11400 

11600 11800 12000 12200 12400 12600 12800 13000 13200 13400 13600 13800 14000 14200 14400 14600 

14800 15000 15200 15400 15600 15800 16000 16200 16400 16600 16800 ........ .20000 20200 20400 ......


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