About the excellent performance of Yonghangbelt’s high temperature resistant silicone flat belt!

2022-11-02 47

Yonghangbelt's high temperature resistant silicone flat belt is moulded in one piece, the rubber surface is made of high quality high temperature resistant silicone material, which is soft, environmentally friendly and wear resistant. High temperature silicone flat belt can be used in a variety of high temperature transport production environments, such as heat shrinkable tube production equipment or some textile industry will use this high temperature resistant silicone flat belt! At the same time, silicone is FDA compliant and can be used in direct contact with food, medical or hygiene products. In addition to this, high temperature resistant silicone flat belt also have the following excellent properties!

Yonghangbelt high temperature resistant silicone flat belt also have the following excellent properties.

1. High temperature resistance, silicone flat belt can be used in high temperature environment of 120℃, instant temperature resistance of 200℃.

2. Silicone flat belt also has a lot of physical properties can be ozone resistance, radiation resistance, can withstand the general acid, alkali, salt and other inorganic substances and animal and vegetable oils, excellent elasticity, easy to clean.

3. The silicone flat belt has a small burr, a hardness of 0-40A, a high coefficient of friction, anti-dust and chemical resistance.

4. The silicone flat belt is soft and tough, and can be cut and processed.

5. Silicone flat belt also has strong insulation, dielectric constant 3-3.2, breakdown voltage 20-50KV/MM

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