Yonghangbelt said rubber pulling down timing belt grooving mainly has the following five roles!

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Yonghangbelt production of pulling down timing belt using mold one vulcanization molding process, with virgin neoprene as the main raw material, tensile glass fiber rope as the skeleton material, the surface of the belt teeth using nylon 66 high wear-resistant elastic cloth for protection, reduce noise and friction coefficient. The inner circumference of the belt is made into teeth, so that it engages with the toothed pulley. The pulling down timing belt transmission ratio is accurate, the force on the shaft is small, the structure is compact, with oil resistance, wear resistance, good dynamic flexing, good anti-cracking performance, excellent ozone performance and other characteristics, then the pulling down timing belt slotting can play what kind of role?


Yonghangbelt said pulling down timing belt grooving mainly has the following five roles!

1. Positioning function. For example: pulling down timing belt belt along the length of the belt direction, in the tooth surface or the back of the plan open one or more square groove or V groove, to prevent the belt swing around.

2. Traction function. For example: pulling down timing belt needs to traction round pipe or wire and cable is, along with the belt length direction, in the back of the belt or back cover layer planed one or more of the circular arc groove, to achieve a smooth traction transmission effect.

3. Positioning conveying function. For example:  pulling down timing belt in conveying products, due to the conveying of products easy to roll, and conveying requirements need to be positioned in a certain area of the product; along the belt width direction, in the back of the belt or covering layer planed out suitable for fixed product type of transverse groove. The need for accurate positioning or climbing can be achieved.

4. Drainage and chip removal function. For example, when the industrial pulling down timing belt is conveying products, slots are cut in the back of the belt or covering layer in the direction of the width of the belt or in the length of the belt. After the product is cut, the waste chips are washed by water and flow to the designated position through the grooves. (This design prevents the waste chips from being left on top of the belt after cutting, which could lead to contamination or scratching of the product.)

5. Easy to pick up function. For example, for conveying glass or flat steel plates, multiple slots are planed on the back or cover of the belt in the direction of the width of the belt or in the direction of the length. Avoid the product to be sucked with the belt, easy to pick up, in order to improve efficiency.

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