Yonghangbelt’s five recommendations to effectively help you prevent vertical packaging machine pulling down timing belt failure!

2022-10-27 58

With the progress of science and technology, vertical packaging machine pulling down timing belt performance is becoming more and more perfect, but despite the quality is good, after a long time of use can not avoid the failure of the phenomenon, the cause of failure may be the use of a long time, normal aging, there may be insufficient tension, too large or operational problems, then how to prevent the vertical packaging machine pulling down timing belt failure? Yonghangbelt small to provide you with the following 5 suggestions!

1. The installation should be adjusted preload. If the preload force is not large enough, pulling down timing belt transmission capacity will be greatly reduced, the pulley will quickly heat up and wear accessories. On the contrary, if the preload is too high, the service life of the pulling down timing belt will be shortened. Therefore, the correct and reasonable preload force is to ensure the normal operation of the pulling down timing belt premise.

2. As the tension of the pulling down timing belt will change with the working time, the operator needs to adjust the tension periodically. The amount of tension can be measured with a tension meter, zui will be measured once a month.

3. The accuracy of the assembly of the pulleys should be controlled. Practice has proven that non-parallel pulleys have uneven stress on both sides and the edges are prone to wear. Therefore, when installing or replacing timing belts, the two pulleys must be adjusted repeatedly to ensure that they are parallel and that a trial run is made. If the item does not deviate during transport, this means that the pulley assembly is satisfactory.

4. In terms of human management, management must be strengthened and standardised. The production company should have certain professional staff before the workers start work or provide uniform and strict training to the workers, standardise the operation methods of the operators and strengthen the management and assessment. Only in this way can safe production be ensured.

5.Regular cleaning and maintenance of equipment and devices, check the running status of pulling down timing belt and beltless pulleys, timely adjustment or replacement. And maintenance cycle is usually 15 to 20 days.

The above is the prevention of vertical packaging machine pulling down timing belt failure recommendations, I hope it can help! If the pulling down timing belt has been used for two or three years, the failure is a normal aging phenomenon, at this time must be replaced with a new belt. If this is not the reason, should promptly identify the essential causes of failure, and and the special decision! Yonghangbelt has 10 years of production experience, according to customer requirements to provide different tooth shape, specifications, as well as rubber colour, thickness to choose, and to provide punching, grinding teeth and other processing, to the picture to sample custom, and to provide 12 months of free service and technology!

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