Rubber pulling down timing belt is mainly used in food packaging equipment vacuum pulling film equipment!

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Yonghangbelt’s pulling down timing belt can effectively solve the existing pulling down timing belt sealing is not strict, there is air leakage phenomenon, resulting in poor adsorption effect, Yonghangbelt’s pulling down timing belt selection of virgin neoprene material, good flexibility, anti-slip wear resistance, good stability, not easy to longitudinal fracture not delamination and other advantages, pulling down timing belt one side is a one-piece molding of the tooth surface, the other side is the adsorption surface, both sides of the tooth surface has a tooth structure, tooth-shaped The structure of the tooth root has open grooves, and the belt body is punched with suction holes, mainly used in VFFS vertical packaging machines, filling and sealing machines and other food packaging equipment vacuum pulling film equipment! In addition to the above introduction, Yonghangbelt’s pulling down timing belt also has the following three advantages!


1. The strong layer inside the pulling down timing belt is only set horizontally in the area of the tooth structure, then there will be no section of the strong layer on the edge of the inner wall of the suction hole, the inner wall of the suction hole is smooth around, beautiful in appearance, and it will not scratch the processed products.

2. The teeth of the pulling down timing belt is moulded in one piece, the teeth are smooth and there is no groove running through the whole tooth surface, which meets the purpose of reducing the bending radius of the synchronous belt in use, but also has the advantages of tight sealing, no air leakage and good adsorption effect.

3. The adsorption layer is made of natural rubber with a Shore hardness of 40, which is moderately hard and has a moderate deformation in the vacuum adsorption process, resulting in a good sealing effect.

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