What do I need to pay attention to when I need to punch a hole in the VFFS timing belts?

2022-10-25 249

VFFS timing belts perforation need to pay attention to the following points, you can refer to the following.

1. Adjust the adjustable roller group belt conveyor to adjust the deviation of the middle of the belt conveyor deviation position; on the VFFS timing belts, the installation of holes on both sides of the manufacturing rollers processed into holes for adjustment. The specific method is which side of the pulley group and which direction of the other side of the belt facing forward or backward. The upward direction of the lower belt is that the pulley group should move to the left, and the pulley group should move to the right.

2. Two-way operation belt adjustment belt, runout two-way operation adjustment than one-way operation belt adjustment is relatively difficult, VFFS timing beltsspecific adjustment should be adjusted in a certain direction, and then adjust the other direction. When adjusting, we should carefully observe the relationship between the direction of belt movement and the runout trend, and adjust them one by one. The focus should be on the adjustment of the drive rollers and the rollers, the latter being the adjustment of the rollers and the material.


And VFFS timing belts punching should pay attention to the force of the VFFS timing belts at the vulcanised joint should be uniform, the length direction of the tape part, and try to apply traction on both sides when using the guide chain. In order to give full play to the advantages of the red rubber VFFS timing belts, it is necessary to correctly deal with the problem of cutting the groove of the VFFS timing belts perforation.

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