Yonghangbelt mask machine polyamide flat belt manufacturer list the seven characteristics of polyamide flat belt!

2022-09-14 72

When it comes to polyamide flat belt, I believe many people only know that it is a high-speed flat transmission belt, but for its characteristics are not very well understood! Today, Yonghangbelt polyamide flat belt manufacturer will list for you the seven characteristics of the mask machine polyamide flat belt, to deepen your understanding of the product! Because only if you know enough about the product can you use it better, play its zui best performance, so that the production efficiency of enterprises can be better improved!

The seven characteristics of the mask machine polyamide flat belt are.

(1) Simple structure, low production cost, easy to protect the device.

(2) Good elasticity of the belt, can be slightly shock vibration, smooth operation, low noise.

(3) Suitable for transmission mechanism compact, using high line speed, speed ratio large transmission.

(4) The elastic sliding of the belt on the pulley changes with the load, so the transmission ratio is not accurate. However, when overloaded, slippage can occur. Therefore, it can avoid the damage of other transmission parts.

(5) Belt tensioning is necessary to subject the shaft and bearings to greater forces.

(6) The polyamide flat belt and the pulley will conflict with heat and electricity, so should not be used in places where there is a risk of explosion.

(7) Belt drive power is low, long life. Compared with the v-belt, has a larger transmission ratio, small centre distance transmission section compact, sliding and tensioning force is small and other advantages. Because the belt drive relies on the impulse operation, so you can use the impact load is light, smooth operation, no noise.




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