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2022-08-30 88

We all know that the pasting belt is a closed-loop system, closed-loop system will certainly have an interface, the quality of the interface is directly related to the efficiency and service life of the entire pasting belt. This chapter Yonghangbelt manufacturers to share the pasting belt interface often use the methods and specifications.

1Mechanical joints: generally refers to the use of belt buckle joints, the advantages of this joint method is convenient and convenient, but also more economical, the bad place is that the efficiency of the joint is low, easy to damage, the service life of the conveyor belt products have a certain impact.

2Cold bonding joints: that is, the use of cold bonding agent to carry out joints. The point of this kind of joint is higher than the efficiency of mechanical joints, but also more economical, but it also has shortcomings: because the process conditions are more difficult to master, in addition to the quality of the bonding agent on the impact of the joint is very large, so it is not very stable.

3Hot vulcanization joints: Practice has proved to be the most ideal method of jointing, can ensure high joint efficiency, but also very stable, joint life is also very long, easy to master. However, there are disadvantages such as troublesome process, high cost and long jointing time.


The above is the analysis of the common methods of pasting belt joints and the advantages and disadvantages of each method by Yonghangbelt manufacturers. Yonghangbelt pasting belt using hot vulcanization joints, now has ten years of production experience, can master the process, product quality by the majority of consumers love, such as want to know more product information, welcome to consult!



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