Yonghangbelt talks about the causes of failure when using the folder belt of a box gluer machines!

2022-08-27 87

When a box gluing machine has been working during the paper delivery irregularities, especially when the cardboard is curled, it is more likely to have frequent empty sheet failures, despite repeated adjustments to some parts of the machine and the stacking angle of the cardboard, it still does not help, and the production efficiency is greatly affected. So what causes the folder belt of the box gluing machine to feed the paper empty sheet failure?

Gluing machine folder belt after a period of time, the surface will become smooth; in addition, the belt contact on the surface of the paper is also relatively smooth, the existence of these conditions, reducing the belt and cardboard contact surface and friction coefficient, which is the main reason for the paper feeding empty sheet failure. To solve this fault method is also very simple, just use a piece of rag dipped in warm water, to the six folder belt wipe once, so that both the adhering to the surface of the belt of paper debris to get clean, but also to make the gluing machine folder belt smoothness significantly reduced, so that the friction coefficient has a greater increase, so that the folder belt in the rotation process of the cardboard friction resistance to get a greater increase, to avoid the empty sheet caused by slippage. After the adoption of this method, the cardboard conveying immediately smooth, empty sheet fault has been better eliminated, to ensure the continuity of cardboard conveying and improve production efficiency.


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