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2022-08-19 104

Paper feeding belts are mainly used in the packaging industry and the paper industry, so what kind of paper feeding belt can be considered a high quality paper feeding belt? In the beginning, the paper feeding belt was only required to be able to convey power, it was only necessary to ensure the quality of the belt, such as durable, wear-resistant, not easy to break! Now the customer also requires the belt to be able to clamp the paper and not to appear to be flying in transit, so Yonghangbelt feels that a paper feeding belt that can meet all the requirements of the customer is a high quality paper feeding belt!


The perforations on the paper feeding belt can play a suction role, increase the adsorption force, prevent the paper from flying and effectively reduce the probability of error! The paper feeding belt is made of neoprene, which ensures that it does not delaminate or break during use, has strong flexibility and tension, is wear-resistant and does not slip and does not lose powder. Straight row holes / double row holes / four row holes / 5-2 holes / 5-4 holes / 4-3 holes / 2-1 holes, etc.! A wide range of drilling bits are available, such as round, square, diamond, conical, oval, etc. We can customize various specifications, different hole spacing types and quantities according to customers' different requirements.


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