Guangzhou Yonghang Transmission Belt Co. , Ltd. was founded in 2014, is a focus on the Rubber belt research and development manufacturers.

Yonghang company has 10000 square meters of production base, the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced manufacturing equipment more than 50 units and so on. Mold more than 2000 sets, annual output of various types of rubber belt 500,000. The main products for the rubber belt series of products, such as: Coated timing belt, Rubber Flat belt, Rubber traction belts ,PU Timing belt ,ATM seamless flat belt ,Printer Belt and so on.Products are widely used in printing carton packaging equipment, pipe wire and cable traction equipment, food packaging film equipment, wood chopsticks carpentry equipment and so on.

Yonghang company strictly implement IS09001 international quality certification, from design, raw materials, to production, every detail is excellence, only for high quality!

The company owns two brands," Yonghang, "YONGHANG"


Office staff of yonghang company

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