Full Range WINCOR ATM 01750044961 01750048095 etc Stacker belt


Wincor ATM belts:1750041983 11x208x0.65 1750044961 12x309x0.65 1750044961 12x305x0.65 1750044960 12x264x0.65
1750047180 14x150x0.65 1750048094 14x406x0.65 1750048095 14x482x0.65 1750051693 14x614x0.65 1770035683 16x235x0.65
1770035678 16x429x0.65 1770035686 16x168x0.65 1750017898 13x760x0.65 1770035805 10x254x0.65 1750017897 13x630x0.65
1770035681 16x288x0.65 1770035684 16x190x0.65 1750021339 11x278x0.65 1750021338 11x222x0.65 1750041251 12x544x0.8 1750070015

Wincor ATM belts:
1750041983 11x208x0.651750044961 12x309x0.65
1750044961 12x305x0.651750044960 12x264x0.65
1750047180 14x150x0.651750048094 14x406x0.65
1750048095 14x482x0.651750051693 14x614x0.65
1770035683 16x235x0.651770035678 16x429x0.65
1770035686 16x168x0.651750017898 13x760x0.65
1770035805 10x254x0.651750017897 13x630x0.65
1770035681 16x288x0.651770035684 16x190x0.65
1750021339 11x278x0.651750021338 11x222x0.65
1750041251 12x544x0.81750070015  8x281x1.0
1750011738 10x538x1.001750044960 12×261×0.65

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