Tooth type industrial drive seamless thermoplastic polyurethane pu timing belts with red apl rubber


Rubber Coated Red PU Timing Belt widely used in computer embroidery machine, beverage machinery, color glass and ceramics production and processing machinery, textile machinery and equipment industries. Its framework is with Stainless steel cord or copper wire reinforced and with high strength, low extension, good bend performance and the good characteristics of the load force.

 Industrial AT Profile drive seamless red Polyurethane (pu) Synchroflex timing belts with APL rubber 

1. It could be reinforced by steel wire core or kevlar core at option;

 2. All models teeth could be covered with green fabric and back covered with Abrasion resistant rubber. All items could be jointed endless.

3. Made of thermoplastic polyurethane materials with high wear resistance;

4.  In the high-load transmission is still keeping good loading capacity;

5. Opening belt could be continuous length, the middle and the sides are with parallel wire core;

6. Aging resistance, water proof, working temperature -30℃ to 80 ℃, can endure maximum 110℃ in short time, can be combined with other thermoplastic materials

7. Hard to be hydrolyzed, anti- acid, UV resistant, not aging, highly resistant to oil, anti-grease.


Open type, Jointed endless belt, Truly endless belt.

Product informatie APL Rubber 
Coating material APL Rubber
Hardness/density  40° Shore A  
Thickness2 to 12mm 
Minimum pulley diameter  20 x coating thickness 
Maximum operating temparature C  80 C
General remarksResistant against wet wear, high friction, wear resistant, high flexibility at low temperatures.