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Polyamide flat belt is made of high wear-resistant special synthetic rubber or leather as the friction layer and high-strength nylon sheet base as the skeleton layer, and its reasonable belt structure makes these products have excellent comprehensive transmission performance. Its long service life, transmission efficiency of more than 99%, transmission speed of more than 60 m / s, good curvature, dimensional stability, constant coefficient of friction.

The innovative and unique material structure of the polyamide flat belt has the following advantages over traditional canvas transmission belts and v-belts: strong tensile strength, flex resistance, high efficiency, low noise, fatigue resistance, good wear resistance and long service life. Sheet-based flat belts are widely used in automobiles, textile machinery, printing machinery, light industry, food transportation, medical equipment, precision instruments and various precision mechanical equipment.

 How to select a polyamide flat belt?

For the polyamide flat belt, different industries, different machines, different products, the use of the sheet base belt is also different, so there are more types of polyamide flat belt, only to find the right production needs of their own polyamide flat belt, will bring convenience to the industry production, improve production efficiency, then how should go to the polyamide flat belt selection? Yonghangbelt manufacturer then give you an introduction to it.

When choosing a polyamide flat belt, you must carefully observe the surface of the polyamide flat belt. Relatively speaking, the cleanliness and neatness of the surface of the polyamide flat belt is of secondary importance, as long as the surface of the polyamide flat belt is not the kind of ridiculously dirty is acceptable. However, the key thing to look for in a polyamide flat belt is to ensure that the surface of the belt is not distorted or twisted and that the teeth of the belt are full and firm. This is the basic condition and prerequisite for purchasing a flat belt.

When purchasing a polyamide flat belt, it is important to measure the size and shape of the belt and to allow for a range of variation in values that are not very precise to a millimetre. However, this range of variation is subject to the condition that it does not affect future use. It is also important to check that the winding performance of the sheet-based flat belt is up to the standard for polyamide flat belt. The better the winding performance, the easier it will be for the job and thus the more efficient it will be.



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