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What kind of paste box belt is good? I believe that most people's consumer mentality is to buy a good one, so that it will last longer and have a much lower chance of failure. But there are many kinds of paste box belt, how can we know which one is better? The following Yonghangbelt will introduce to you, hope that you can buy quality paste box belt. 

We first look at what is the automatic box gluer, simply put, is used to specialize in packing boxes machine, its working principle is to start the power supply, the entire paste box belt began to move, the die-cutting of semi-finished boxes into the paper gluer, by the paste box belt will automatically be a single box sheet according to the paper blocking head frame has been set to send paper check lift into the middle section of the paste box belt will be transported to the back section of the box gluing parts pressure packing.


From the above working principle of the box gluer, we can see that the paste box belt is an indispensable conveying part. The Yonghangbelt paste box belts adopts a mature mould with an integrated vulcanization process, without any interface and gap, to ensure that the belt will not break longitudinally or delaminate during use. The belt body is made of imported raw rubber material with special wear-resistant fibers, which makes it more durable and has excellent performance of not slipping and not losing powder; and it is equipped with high-strength nylon core as the strong layer, with 35% enhancement of tensile strength, good dimensional stability and small elongation!


The above is the introduction of Yonghangbelt paste box belts, I believe you also have a certain understanding. Yonghangbelt provides various specifications of paste box belt, the length, width and thickness can be customized according to your requirements, and various special processing, adding guide strips, punching holes, adding baffles, etc. 


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